Light Meter - By WBPhoto


A light meter app for iOS and Android with reflected and incident (Android-only) metering for photography and cinematography. Also includes an exposure calculator and a white balance meter.

iOS/Android Support

Use the app on all your favorite mobile devices. The best meter is the one you have with you.

Live Previews

Preview the scene live to know exactly what you're metering. Get the best possible exposure.

Easy to Tweak

Set min/max shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO values. Apply ND filters or adjust for your specific camera.

Custom Values

Need to support pinhole cameras or other non-standard cameras? That's easy with custom value entry.

Save Your Settings

Leave the app and come back where you left off--all your settings are saved for you.

Exposure Calculator

Need more control? Set the exposure and update with your preferred camera values.